About Terry

Terry Cook for Williamson County Commissioner Pct 1Terry believes elected officials should respond to all of the people they represent. She knows that once a candidate is elected to office, he or she makes the duties and responsibilities a top priority. As a member of the Williamson County Commissioners Court, Terry will work tirelessly to ensure that the Court manages county business and resources consistent with her vision to benefit all county residents in a fair and non-partisan manner.

She will make certain that our county funds are used responsibly to ensure that Williamson County is a place where every man, woman, and child can and will have quality, fulfilling lives without onerous tax and debt burdens.

Terry owns a small business and actively engages the community. She has a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Duke University and worked in research and high-tech industries for 23 years. She has extensive experience in managing people and projects, budgeting, and contract negotiation with companies small and large alike.

Terry tirelessly urges civic involvement. She has been a volunteer deputy registrar for Williamson County since 2012 in order to register voters from all over the county, has served the county as a clerk, and as an alternate judge during elections.

Over her four-year tenure as the events chair for the Williamson County Democratic Party, she widely expanded both the number of events, fairs, parades, and festivals in which the Democratic Party participated to educate and register voters as well as increasing the number of volunteers for these efforts. She continuously seeks to inspire people to join in the civic processes we are so blessed to have.

Terry and her husband, Wayne, have called Round Rock their home for over eleven years, and when Terry is not working or passionately advocating for the Democratic Party, she enjoys interior and landscape design, unique dining experiences, traveling, Bible study, live theatre, and music.