The costs to run the campaign for the Commissioners Court in the General Election are incredibly high. These costs to reach 18,000 voters include:

  • Hiring a Field Manager
  • Hiring Paid Canvassers
  • At least 18,000 Mailers through USPS
  • Literature used in block walking
  • 8,000 Remember to Vote Cards + stamps
  • Candidate contribution towards Democratic Slate Cards
  • Postage
  • 5,000 more business cards with union label $100
  • 250 more 2-sided, 2-color 24"x18" yardsigns (I already have the wires for 100 more) $787.50
  • 10 more 1-sided, 2-color 8'x4' yardsigns (I already have the t-posts if needed) ~$654


The other side went through over $100,000 to get 4,488 votes (Primary + Runoff) to win.  What will he choose to spend of other people's money to win the General Election?

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