Supporters from all over Williamson County know that Terry Cook can deliver the Change we need and be the Voice you deserve!


Williamson County Democratic Executive Committee Members

Earl White - Precinct Chair 145
Lynn Morlier – Precinct Chair 146
Paul Everett – Precinct Chair 147
Barbara McKnight - Precinct Chair 152
Jan Pelosi - Precinct Chair 186
Molly Bucy - Precinct Chair 189
Sue Duncan – Precinct Chair 190
Jesse Soliz – Precinct Chair 201
Jim Stauber - Precinct Chair 206
Rachel Wicker – Precinct Chair 253
Marshall Bennett – Precinct Chair 266
Dwight Adair - Precinct Chair 275
Audrey Amos-McGehee – Precinct Chair 277
Kim Gilby - Precinct Chair 278
Aurora Sanchez – Precinct Chair 331
Sharon Cummings - Precinct Chair 332
Marie Smith - Precinct Chair 341
Sharon Saunders – Precinct Chair 370
Larry Hilliard - Precinct Chair 381
Dwaine Boydstun - Precinct Chair 394
Sharon Covey – Precinct Chair 396

Former Candidates and Activists

Nick Lealos, 2014 Candidate for Justice of
the Peace, Precinct 1
Paul Gordon -2016 Candidate HD 136
Sydney Hoffman, Former WCDP Treasurer
Jose Orta, WILCO Tejano Democrats
Joyce White, Founder of Food for Friends
non-profit, Granger
Judy Shepherd, Georgetown
Judy Wright, Georgetown
Kay Walker, Precinct Chair 381, Retired


September 11, 2016 - Democratic Women of WILCO Club.

October 5, 2016 - Western Wilco Dems Club

October 6, 2016 - Wilco Young Dems

October 14, 2016 - Texas Democratic






I am elated that Terry Cook decided to run for Williamson County Commssioners Court Precinct 1! Being myself a precinct chair within our county's Democratic Party, I know first-hand of her strong commitment to the egalitarian values we hold dear. Not only has she been the dedicated Chair of our local Precinct 182, she's simultaneously served as our county party's Events Chair, diligently and continually reinforcing our Democratic presence at every festival throughout each year. We know first-hand how she carefully considers every detail, how her innovations solve every problem she encounters. Her creative talent and management skills, her people-oriented personality, her boundless energy and determination to find solutions, are exactly the traits we need of a County Commissioner...and deserve! Thus, I wholeheartedly recommend Terry Cook for this important position!
Jane Leatherman Van Praag,
Precinct Chair 425

Terry Cook has the qualities needed for the Williamson County Commissioners Court for Precinct 1. She has the knowledge needed, incredible drive to do what is right, the stamina to work to do right, connects with people from all sides...she listens and acts.
I support Terry Cook.
Lynn Mann

I have had the opportunity to work with Terry or more correctly watch her work. Terry is a hard working reliable person of whom our community would have an excellent representative in our local government. I would add Terry is very smart, an Engineer, I know she will be able to understand all aspects of her duties as well.
Eddie Hurst
2014 Candidate for Commissioners Court, Precinct 2

I strongly endorse Terry Cook for County Commissioners Court. She is highly qualified and one of the hardest working people I know. She will be an appreciated addition to our county government. Please vote down ballot and help her win!
Karen Felthauser, Precinct 138 Chair and prior candidate for State Representtive

Sherwin Kahn, Georgetown thru letter published 10/18/16 in the Williamson County Sun 10/18/16